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HQ 70th Training Regiment




Basic Combat Training (BCT)


    Basic Combat Training will prepare you for the challenges of being a soldier in the Maryland Army National Guard. You will accomplish more than you ever thought possible and become a part of a team. Basic Training starts at the Reception Battalion. Here you will receive your Army Uniform, ID tags, a medical examination and of course a haircut. You will then be sent to your basic training company to begin your training. Things will happen fast and there will be a lot of information coming at you at once. Just keep up and listen to the drill sergeants and you will be fine. You will learn drill and ceremony, customs and courtesies, traditions and the Army Values. Throughout the following weeks you will learn to use the M16A2 rifle and go to the qualification course. You will receive training in first aid, nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, how to move as a team and squad and use other US weapons including a live hand grenade. All of your training will lead you to the final week where you will move out into the field for a three day exercise that will test all that you have learned and all that you have become as a soldier. You will go through the night infiltration course and into the final week of your training. On graduation day you will proudly march onto the parade field before your family and friends. You will have transitioned from a civilian into the most respected title in the world...

American Soldier



Advanced Individual Training (AIT)


After graduating from Basic Combat Training you will receive training in your Military Occupational Specialty (MOS). Here you will be training according to your specific MOS that you have chosen. With this training you will become an expert in your Army job and will be prepared to perform your job when called upon. After AIT you will return home and report to your unit as a trained and ready Citizen-Soldier. Visit the Career page to see some of the jobs the Maryland Army National Guard offers.